Prithipura Disabled Communities

28 May 2015 By Edwards Foundation

Prithipura Communities is a Sri Lankan organisation dedicated to the care and assistance of children with disabilities. The organisation's philosophy is to provide a loving and caring environment, which allows the best possible avenues for the children's growth and development.

The people who call the community home are mostly infants, children and young adults, although some residents are much older.

Those who arrive at the community as children have often been abandoned by their parents and consequently have very little hope of returning to society after rehabilitation, education and training. For them, the Prithipura Communities is home.

The care and education that the community provides, as well as the internal job opportunities that are at their four branches offer the children the possibility of growing up in a healthy and loving environment, developing, skills and engaging in meaningful work.

The organization currently accomodates 250 residents across its four location and relies on donations and sponsorships to run. You are encouraged to donate and help in Prithipura's extraordinary efforts.

Source: Prithipura

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