Commission of construction of Buddha's statue in Aranya

20 Jul 2011 By Edwards Foundation

For my wife's birthday this year, we commissioned the construction of a 24 foot Buddha statue in atop a mountain in the mountain section of the Aranya Monastery. It takes nearly 2 hours to to reach the top of the mountain as it is not vehicle accessible.

Na Uyana Aranya (‘Ironwood Grove Forest Monastery’) is one of the oldest Buddhist forest monasteries in Sri Lanka, dating back to the time of King Uttiya (3rd Century BCE). The modern revival of this ancient monastery during the past few decades has seen its emergence as one of the main meditation centres in the country. Today it is again a home to a thriving community of monastic and lay Buddhist practitioners.

Na Uyana Forest Monastery covers a total of more than 5000 acres, which can be divided into 4 main sections: (1) Pansiyagama Section, (2) Mountain Section, (3) Matale Section and (4) Andagala Section. The Pansiyagama Section is situated within an Ironwood forest, and contains the following structures: an uposatha hall (Sīmā Sālā), a meditation hall (Bhāvanā Sālā), a dininghall (Dāna Sālā) and alms food hall (Pinḍapāta Sālā), a library and offices, in addition to about 80 kuṭis (monks residences). The ′ Mountain Section is the newly developed area on the main hill of the monastery, which has about 80 kuṭis and includes a meditation hall and service hall (Upaṭṭhāna Sālā). This area is in the process of being reforested. The Matale Section has about 20 kuṭis and includes a meditation hall, a dining-hall and an alms food hall. It is situated among grassy hills on the eastern side of the monastery. The Andagala Section is a remote, densely forested area, situated in the north-eastern part of the monastery.

Source: Na Uyana Aranya