Commissioned Building of a 'Dharmsala' (Lecture Hall) at Werawella Temple in Kurunegala

02 Jan 2011 By Edwards Foundation
Photo showing a Dharmsala commissioned by the Edwards.

The giving of alms and offerings is a key feature of most religions. As a matter of fact, I am not aware of any religion that does not have this concept, and it is encouraged as an act of charity toward those less fortunate. In Buddhism, the core belief is that there are eight big offerings referred to as the 'Ata Maha Kusal', or Great Meritorious deeds. Building Buddhist places of worship and congregation is one.

According to the teachings of the Buddha, building a temple is one of the Eight Great Meritorious deeds that generate merit every minute of the day during this life and many future lives until we reach Nibbana, or Nirvana, which is the goal of a Buddhist path. You are regarded as enormously fortunate to able to participate in building a temple, as it is a rare opportunity that few can partake in. Building a Temple and Meditation centre is especially important as it helps spread the teachings of the Buddha far and wide, and also offers worshipers a sanctuary.

In keeping with these teachings, we built a Dharmsala at the Werawella Temple in Kurunegala. The Dharmsala is a welcome addition for spiritual pilgrims to the Werawella Temple, and has come at a time when it is very much needed.

The cost of the development came in at Rs 7.5 Million