Construction of a Nunnery at Pothuhera, Kurunegala‏

16 Aug 2015 By Edwards Foundation
Photo showing a ceremony at the Nunnery.

We are honoured to have recently completed the construction of a nunnery that will accommodate up to a dozen nuns. The nunnery is located in Pothuhera, a small town in the district of Kurunegala. The nunnery will serve as a residence for nuns so they can better serve the Pothuhera community, which has a population of nearly forty thousand people.

Nuns perform a host of duties within communities, working in areas like education, medicine and social work. All jobs that nuns perform, in some way, are meant to fulfil their overarching roles in faith. Nuns fulfil the roles of caregivers and humanitarians, offering services to many that are need; are these are services that sometimes businesses and government are unable to efficiently offer. These roles are often tough and require the sort of commitment that can only come from the belief in serving a higher power.

The many roles that are played by nuns include feeding the poor and hungry, volunteering in nurseries and helping to build programs and housing for the poor. Additionally, nuns offer counselling for young mothers and other women seeking spiritual advice. Whether in hospitals or at nunneries, nuns often care for the sick and pray for healing. Each nunnery tries to better their community in unique ways to reflect the charity that faith teaches us.

The project cost a total of Rs 5 Million, which is a worthy investment to help ensure that the nuns will build a strong centre-point to serve the community for many years to come.