Punya Edwards donates Rs 1 Million to Surya Foundation

31 Jan 2016 By Edwards Foundation
Photo of Punya Edwards meeting with the patron of Surya Foundation, Hon. Karu Jayasuriya.

Punya Edwards is proud to be able to share her success with a charity that is making a tangible impact on so many people’s lives, and in such an important way as to provide them with the security of having a place to call home.

In keeping with the core focuss of the Surya Foundation, the Rs 1 Million donation will help the foundation continue its ambitious efforts towards developing housing for the poor. Punya Edwards believes that improving the life chances of disadvantaged people is absolutely crucial to the long term future of local communities and Sri Lanka as a whole.

Selfless, community-minded individuals like Punya Edwards are an inspiration to people of all ages and future generations, and this act of generosity shows how passionate and committed the Edwards are about making a difference in the community.