Rienzie Edwards, Proud Patron of St Anthony's Church Soup Kitchen in Kochchikade, Colombo

30 Nov 2015 By Edwards Foundation
Photo of the enjoying a healthy meal at St Anthonys Shrine in Kochchikade.

Rienzie Edwards is a proud patron of St Anthony's Shrine soup kitchen, which provides a vital lifeline of daily nutrition, friendship and a future to the most disadvantaged, homeless and vulnerable in Kochchikade and the general Colombo area.

St Anthony's Shrine has long been a retreat for society, and aside from the soup kitchen services, like many churches, has a rich program which includes Holy Mass, Confession, Counselling, Scholarships, and a host of events- all conducted in a variety of languages, including, Sinhala, Tamil and English.

The church’s work is made possible through the generous support of devotees, volunteers and sponsors like Rienzie Edwards. This support and dedication has helped the church move from strength to strength.

St. Anthony has many devotees and several Churches have been erected in his honor, with Kochikade, perhaps being one of the most popular, attracting a congregation of every cast, creed and race.